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autoflower weed seeds, Big Bomb Strain is the massive producing auto-flowering version of Bomb Seeds top yielding strain Big Bomb. Crossing Big Bomb with a hand-selecting ruderalis has allowing them to carry through the exceptional yield potential and increasing potency the mother strain is renowned for. It stays relatively short for such a big producer, reaching between 65-95 cm indoors. With a flowering time of 75-85 days, Big Bomb Auto’s explosive growth comes later in flowering when buds start to really swell, becoming dense and hard. It branches out and has a high bud to leaf ratio, maximising yields. Branches may need supporting later in flowering as nugs start to thicken, becoming dense and heavy.

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The aroma and effect are reminiscent of its parentage; a classic all-around buzz but with an improved sweeter flavour. This isn’t your average autoflowering strain, it’s a true all-rounder. Offering both experienced and beginner growers the opportunity to grow big, potent buds quickly and effortlessly, Big Bomb Auto takes autoflowering yields to the next level. Huge Bomb Auto is a high-yielding and quickly developing autoflowering strain. She is the consequence of crossbreeding Big Bomb with a hand-chose ruderalis strain that showed immense potential. The outcome was a strain that gives a lively head high that is ideal for working hours and daytime use.

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THC levels of between 10–15% mean she will not overpower, rather offering a fresh and clear high that gets the machine gear-pieces of the brain turning. The terpene profile inside Big Bomb Auto adds to a general sweet and fruity taste. Notwithstanding her huge and productive yields, Big Bomb Auto remaining parts at a humble size of between 65–95cm all through the develop cycle. Plants give incredible yields of around 450–500g/m² and will be preparing for reap following 75–85 days subsequent to planting

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