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Bud seeds for sale. Widow Bomb Strain is a practical example in how to improve a stone-exemplary. An overwhelming White Widow male was utilized to fertilize a Bomb #1 and the outcome was then used to fertilize a White Widow female. Widow Bomb is a really outstanding aftereffect of this reproducing program. The sheer force of White Widow stays immaculate yet the expansion of Bomb #1 qualities builds yield, strength and flavor. Tremendous sap organs cover the entire plant including conceal leaves and stems. This should be the whitest strain accessible!

Bud Seeds For Sale – Seeds In Female Bud – Big Bud Seeds – Bud Seeds – Cheap Weed Seeds

Widow Bomb is a medium-size plant for indoor and outside development. Inside cultivators can expect yields of 450 – 550 gr/m2 in 8 – 10 weeks of blooming. Outside reap will be late September – early October in northern scopes. Buds are denser and heavier than with the first White Widow and are white with huge gum precious stones. It is somewhat simpler to develop and really focus on than the first Widow strain as well. Widow Bomb has a smoother taste than White Widow and extraordinarily undeniable degrees of THC which can reach 25%! The impact is of a solid all-around high.

Bud Seeds – Seeds In Female Bud – Big Bud Seeds – Bud Seeds – Cheap Weed Seeds

As her name recommends, Widow Bomb has been honoring with the hereditary qualities of the unbelievable White Widow. Above all else, Bomb #1 was crossing with a White Widow male. The aftereffect of this blending was then backcrossing with a White Widow female, making what we currently know as Widow Bomb. This strain is something uncommon, giving enormous and thick blossoms that are soaking in psychoactive gum. The high is moment and amazing, offering a full-body buzz filled by a THC substance of between 20–25%. The strong impacts have restorative potential and may assist with facilitating agony and low temperament. Widow Bomb endures both indoor and outside development well, and creates yields of between 450–550g/m². Plants develop to statures of 140cm and make some blooming memories of 8–10 weeks.


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