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Cannabis seeds for sale, Kalashnikova Strain is the aftereffect of intersection a Kalashnikova with the Green-O-Matic auto-blossoming maryjane strain. Its hereditary make-up is 80% indica, 10% sativa and 10% ruderalis. Kalashnikova has a complete life-pattern of 9 weeks from germination to gather with yields. As much as 800 gr/m2 inside under 18 hours of light each 24 hours. At the point when developing outside it is a solid plant that can develop to between 70 – 100 cm tall and yield 80 – 100 gr/plant. Blooming outside can happen anyplace and any time as long as the temperature doesn’t dip under 10°C. Its fragrance and flavor is a blend of products of the soil. The impact is extremely quick hitting and is solidly centered around the body.

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Kalashnikova Autoflowering joins the absolute generally magnificent and exceptionally well known strains into a weapon of some genuine type.  With the demonstrated AK-47 hereditary qualities blending in with those of the similarly extraordinary. White Widow, it shouldn’t come as an unexpecting that she turned out an astoundingly incredible strain. Yet, her sheer intensity is by a long shot not all that the Kalashnikova Autoflower dazzles with. Kalashnikova autoflowering additionally contains Green-O-Matic hereditary qualities to make her one quick. Autoflower that fills energetically in a short 9 weeks from seed to reap. And keeping in mind that she does it, cheerfully and in a way that is frightfully simple and bother free so that even new cultivators can develop her without a perspiration.

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Likewise incredible about Kalashnikova Autoflowering that you can develop her for all intents and purposes all over. Inside or outside on the grounds that she is nice and can endure a wide range of conditions. At the point when she enters her programming blooming, after around fourteen days of development. She will foster some huge and tacky buds that will have a decent lime-green tone to them. What’s more, a short 7 weeks after the fact you can anticipate a decent gather of around 80-100g. With regards as she would prefer, Kalashnikova Autoflowering mixes zesty and fruity notes pleasantly in the perfect equilibrium making her an amazing smoke that you can appreciate constantly and all over.

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