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Cheap weed seeds, Executioner Kush Auto Strain is a CBD strain with OG Kush x Auto hereditary qualities of the Feminized assortment. Also, Autoflowering adaptation of quite possibly the most renowned strains from the West Coast of USA. Created around the time of 1994 in Sunset Beach, South California, and named as Ocean Grow Kush however also called OG Kush.  Killer Kush Auto is the aftereffect of the hybridization between a chose third era autoflowering hereditary line inclining to the indica side and a tip top clone of OG Kush. Moreover The outcome is a strong plant with quick blooming. This strain delivers huge, sweet-smelling buds, all covered by a thick layer of trichomes. The fragrance is sweet, citrus and corrosive with extraordinary tones suggestive of smells from the Chem Dawg – Diesel family.

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Futhermore, Killer Kush Auto cannabis seeds by Sweet Seeds belong to an Indica-dominant, feminized. Autoflowering cannabis strain that derives from the cross between OG Kush and a 3rd generation Auto. It is a really vigorous hybrid that produces big amounts of potent and high-quality resin in a remarkably short time. Killer Kush Auto cannabis seeds develop excellent medium-sized and easy-to-grow marijuana plants that yield plenty of buds. In addition, Not a single Indica-lover will remain indifferent to the high-quality that this plant offers. Its flavor and smell are profoundly exceptional and marginally corrosive, with notes of citrus and Diesel/Chemdawg-like contacts. Moreover, the impact is unwinding and amazing, wonderful to slow down all alone or with companions.

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Again, Executioner Kush Auto stays generally conservative, with by and large statures of 60-100cm, and completes its short life cycle in about two months from seed. Producers can expect indoor yields of up to 450-550g/m², and open air cultivators collect up to 50-200g per plant. This strain is not difficult to develop, and will create thick and sweet-smelling buds, covered by a layer of trichomes. Thus, It’s essentially up to individual inclination where to develop Kill Kush. Inside, outside or in a nursery, each of the three different ways lead to magnificent outcomes. Lastly,executioner Kush Auto can be a decent option to the feminized OG Kush. When producers need to gather after only two months from germination. Sweet Seeds’ autoflowering assortments are among the quickest one can discover, and the promoted life cycle is sensible as a rule.



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